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The Old Mill Holiday Cottages, North Wales, CH7 5RH


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How Self-catering Holiday Cottages Promote Eco-friendly Tourism

There are many perks to staying in a self-catering holiday cottage, including having your own space to enjoy with friends and family, and taking the opportunity to enjoy private outdoor gardens. But, there are also ways why choosing a self catering cottage can promote eco-friendly tourism too - so let’s dive in!

Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses whenever we can makes a huge difference to their growth and awareness, typically attracted by word of mouth. So, by choosing self-catering cottages, visitors often spend money locally on food, dining, and activities, which directly benefits small businesses in the local area. These funds inject into the local economy and help support the local businesses, from small shops to independent cafes.

Not only will you be supporting us whilst staying at The Old Mill Holiday Cottages, you can take the opportunity to support the local economy too. Just a few minutes away, we have four great food serving pubs to choose from, that’s if you fancy a night off cooking in your holiday cottage. Enjoy great food and environment, while also supporting small businesses - we’d say that’s a win!

old mill garden

Eco-Friendly Activities

Typically, holiday cottages tend to be within the countryside, with great stretches of greens and wonderful views. This makes it the perfect spot to enjoy a cycling ride and local walking trails, inviting visitors to explore without having to use their cars. Also, providing information about local public transport options can reduce car use too.

The Old Mill Holiday Cottages are set within the rural county of Flintshire, and there are plenty of local gardens, historical sites and towns to explore just a short distance away. Here, you will find local shops and small businesses to explore and support. 

Conservation Efforts

To support conservation efforts, local wildlife is another attraction to visiting countryside areas. Self-catering cottages often collaborate with local conservation organisations and participate in environmental initiatives, such as habitat restoration, wildlife conservation, and eco-tourism certification programs. So, supporting holiday cottages invites room for the owners to progress their efforts in helping local communities and conservation progress. 

old mill gardens

We have a nature garden on site, with large landscaped grounds with a dog walking area and a spot to sit down, perfect for admiring the beautiful garden.

Waste Reduction

We have also made eco improvements to The Old Mill Holiday Cottages over the years, and we know how important it is to continue to progress our sustainability efforts across the site. From implementing the new Welsh Government recycling program, including bins for paper & card, glass, plastic & cans, and general waste, to adding a new EV Charger for vehicles on site, these are just some of the sustainability efforts made at The Old Mill Holiday Cottages.

Speaking of waste, guests staying in self-catering holiday cottages tend to produce less waste compared to hotels, as they can shop for groceries in quantities needed for them and the period of time they are staying in the cottage for. This can help reduce packaging waste from single-use items commonly used in hotels. And, with our new recycling plan in place, all materials can be recycled correctly - inviting a more circular choice of living. 

Choosing to stay in eco-friendly self-catering cottages allows travellers to enjoy their holidays, while also making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

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The Old Mill Holiday Cottages, North Wales, CH7 5RH

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