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The Old Mill Holiday Cottages, North Wales, CH7 5RH


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Holiday Cottage vs. Hotel - Why Choose a Self-catering Holiday Cottage in North Wales?

Updated: Mar 12

Are you stuck between choosing a holiday cottage in North Wales or a hotel this Spring? Of course, we suggest a holiday cottage, and we have plenty of reasons to assure you this is a great decision for your next break. From getting your own space, cooking in your own home from home, and enjoying time in a family holiday cottage, let’s dive into why you should choose a holiday cottage this season. 

1. Own Private Space

When staying in a holiday cottage, you get your own private space, without the presence of other holidaymakers in the same building. Having your very own cottage to holiday in gives you a chance to really relax and unwind comfortably. With a holiday cottage, you’re getting a few rooms to call home, in comparison to the one room you may get if you chose to stay in a hotel. Cottages are typically more spacious, with outdoor areas you can enjoy your morning coffee in too. 

Picture this - you bring your little ones with you to our holiday cottage and when you put them to bed early, its not an abrupt end to your night, later you and your partner can enjoy time together, watch a film in the living room, or even prepare a romantic meal for two. All without having to tip toe around the cottage - bliss!

Hotels often don’t have the home comforts that can be found in a holiday cottage. When staying in a cottage, you’ll have a fully equipped kitchen, living area and bedroom to enjoy. You can relax and put your feet up in the evening as you watch the sunset outside. Searching for the perfect romantic getaway? Choosing a holiday cottage holds the ideal romantic setting, privacy and scenic surroundings.

holiday cottage living area
The Roost (Sleeps 2)

2. Flexibility

Avoid the scheduled meal times and cook whenever you wish! Staying in a holiday cottage will give you flexibility to have meals whenever you want, allowing you to dine without hotel regulations. Some holiday cottages will have space for a family, so you can all share a living space together, without being in separate hotel rooms. The perfect opportunity to share lasting memories together. 

3. Pet-Friendly Holiday Cottage in North Wales

Don’t leave your canine friends behind, but bring them with you on holiday. Many holiday cottages are dog friendly, so you can rest assured you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere for your pets to stay whilst you’re away - bring them with you! When staying in a holiday cottage, little personal touches are commonly added by the hosts. This could include sweet treats in hampers or even some surprises for your canine friends.

cocker spaniel

4. Unique Accommodation

Many hotels can look the same, with no character. But, holiday cottages offer great design and character, with some even holding unique historical charm that sets them apart from traditional hotel rooms. Not forgetting the picturesque setting that can be found in these locations, you can enjoy peace and tranquillity in a secluded environment. 

No matter the season, staying at a holiday cottage in the countryside offers seasonal charm throughout the year. From enjoying cosy nights in Winter, to enjoying the Summer weather right outside - any season is the perfect season! 

5. Local Amenities

If you’re not one for cooking, particularly when you're on holiday, you can enjoy the local food comforts, which are typically found a short distance away in local towns. Kindly, hosts of holiday cottages will often have an ideal guide to give you some ideas on where to shop, eat and which attractions you can visit locally. We also have our own North Wales guide for the local area of Flintshire.

Staying in a holiday cottage allows you to interact with the locals and immerse yourself into the culture and community. This will leave room to meet new people, explore the local area with others or even just take in the historical facts of the nearby area. 

6. Economical Choice

Lastly, choosing a holiday cottage in North Wales over a hotel can be more economical on several factors, particularly when choosing to stay longer. When paying for an entire property, this can be cost-effective for groups or families in particular - lowering the cost per night in comparison to paying for a hotel room each night. Other factors include Wi-Fi, self-catering facilities such as a kitchen area, privacy and reduced entertainment expenses, as you will have the space for some home entertainment in your holiday cottage in North Wales, reducing the chance of spending on external entertainment to escape the one hotel room.

Our Cottages

We have four beautiful holiday cottages available at the Old Mill in North Wales, including The Long Barn, The Hayloft, The Roost and Millers Cottage. With our cottages located in Wales, we are at the centre of outstanding natural beauty. Browse our range of accommodation and find the right one for you and your next stay in North Wales.


The Old Mill Holiday Cottages, North Wales, CH7 5RH

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